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The World Is So Much Better Through The Eyes of a Blind Man.

I just talked to Max. It's so nice to hear a friendly voice on the phone. It's so nice to hear from him again period. <--Ha! Two periods.....anyways. I'm going to have a heart-to-heart conversation with Emily Paige tomorrow about Max. Hm, I'd like to see where this is going to go. Do you know how much power I have right now!? I could jeopardize this all with a simple sentence, all because I'd want to and it would please me to see people suffer. But I can't because Max would suffer and I don't want to see him suffer. Dammit, if only this was someone else. That would be soo much fun. This is getting a bit weird. Next subject:

Maggie's head hurt. I told her not to think and be stupid. What a great peice of advice! You've done it again (crowd worhships Amy). Damn I'm a good friend. I talked to Emily K. today. It was a nice conversation. I liked it. Little chit-chats like that are so cool. I'm sounding really stupid so I'm going to stop.

Tyler is going to teach my Aeroplane by the good ol' Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Yay! He tried to today but I was distracted by my wallpaper. He played some Soundgarden. And some 70s Funk stuff. I like the bass geetar. I'm tired. but I have a project to do. Fuuuuck, need a cup of coffee. but I think Starbucks is bad because I'm debating whether or not corporate coffee sucks or not. Hmm, thought topic of tomorrow is whether or not establishment coffee house suck cock or not.....comments anyone?
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