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I HAD so much to say.

...and now I don't. Well, Max has decided to stay friends with the infamous Emily Page. I'm not surprised and yet I'm dissapointed for some ODD strange reason. I told him to stay friends with her. I guess I'm just dissapointed because I thought he was stronger than that. Oh how the opposite sex controls us so. Who am I to complain. That-guy has me on a chain and he doesn't even know it. (shakes head) I'm supposed to be better than that.

So I had a nice chat with Alex last night. I feel really relieved. I don't have to hate anymore. I don't have to feel awkward anymore. THE PAIN DOES GO AWAY! So yeah, Alex and I are no longer arch enemies...for the time being. Andy is, well, a different story.

Christine asked why I don't do anything when it comes to liking a guy. I know this seems like a really high school topic to bring up but hey, it's my journal, not your's so DEAL. I should but couldn't. I mean, that-guy is just a totally different person. He has a line of girls waiting for him until he decides to have a girlfriend. I don't think he does but I don't know much about him. I feel like I have no chance whatsoever but moments like yesterday's gets me thinking that maybe I do. God it's confusing. I get all worked up about those little moments, you know, and then reality hits me in the back of the head and says "WAKE THE FUCK UP!" Argh! Just gimme sign, man!

Maggie, Whitney, Heather, Emily, and I went to the Old Spaghetti Factory. T'was nice. And to top off a nice, hearty lunch, the waiter was DELECTIBLE! Maggie denied it but I could see her eyes following his a--nevermind. Too fake though. He called Emily 'madame'. No one calls anyone that nowadays. He was REALLY working for the tip, wasn't he? And I got to try this ice cream called 'spimoni' and it was tres good. Weird but good. Whitney and I were talking about how I should name my kid that. Three kids, here are their names: Trinity (from the Matirx...thee movie), Boomer (it's kind of fun, cute, he'll get the girls with this), and now Spimoni (after the ice cream served by the his father :)) folks. Trust me, I know.
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