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Jon England Scares the Fuck Out of Me Sometimes

Work was alright today. Jon and Maggie stopped by and kept wanted to go. I wanted them to drive me to Paezanos with them but nooo. They said they were going and so I let them. Btu then some sort of pang of guilt hit them so they stuck around. I told them to leave and refused to go with them. Then they began to act like the best friends around. So I went with Stacy instead. Oh yeah, my dad ran away from home today. My stupid ass sister invited a bunch of her stupid friends over today. She said she was inviting like 3 friends over. So my folks dropped me off at work and when they returned home after going to the mall, they found like 6 boys in the house and my sister. So my dad got pissed and him and Mai got in a fight so he came to Latte for dinner. It was the only time where I sat down and had a decent conversation with him. Also, Danny finally brought the "stuff" and I was dissapointed because it looks so small. Yeeeah.

I was on the internet and talking to Julian. He said he heard that I went to the CKM show on uh yesterday. He asked how was it or something. I said Good and I also said something like making out with the other guitarist in the band Stereotype. I was joking. I wasn't trying to start a story to get me fame or recogntion or a reputation. It was something that would give me the chance to point my finger and laugh at Julian for being so naive. But I guess he told Jon England about it and Jon happened to be best friends with the guitarist (Angel) and so Jon IMs me saying Fuck You and all this other confusing crap. I guess he was messing with me because he said how I was really naive for believing all the things he said. I was so scared for some reason. I was at the thing and I heard some girls talking about Angel, how he was hot, how he looked deep, and how they would fuck him given the chance. The joke seemed harmless and appropriate.

Fuck work. I don't want to work anymore. I wanna play.
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