Amy (countingdays) wrote,

Vernacular Spectacular

We're planning where to go. I'm going to see Minority Report I think. My cousin is invited my mom to play but not my dad. That's gonna be me when I come home from college. Maggie works too much. My sister is a lot more charismatic than I. I don't know if I believe in God or I do but don't believe in the crappy Catholic Church and all the shit that goes along with organized religions. I'm really confused about what I believe in. I still can't answer the question "What is the nature of existence?" and I don't know if I believe in destiny or the concept of freewill. I'm just extremely torn between two worlds. I feel as if if I bring up the topic, Ishould have this concrete belief in what the hell I'm talking about. So basically, I'm asking questions for the sake of looking for MY answers, hoping that if I hear that I like, I can compile them together and label it mine. But that's not how it works! I really miss Whitney already. My farewell was me falling asleep on the phone with this lethargic pissed off voice. She left me being mad at her for no reason.

My cousin Larissa thought it would be funny to record my uncle's cell phone answering message to make it sound like Osama Bin Ladin and some terrorist funny message. At the airport, they check your laptop and cell phone I guess and the people checked my uncles cellphone and got REALLY confused and interrogated my uncle. Story of the day.
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