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I was reading some guy's journal and I always liked this kinda stuff so here I go....

(My mom's yelling at me, my answers might be a little different now that I'm in this state of mind)

01. what do you think of the way you look? My eyes need to be purple. I think I look fine. I look too serious though.
03. what do you think about karma? oh it's out there, beware.
04. what do you think about love? I don't know what to think anymore. Love is something really strong that I'm not able to understand, I don't think.
05. what do you think about fate? I believe in fate, that there's this predetermined path for us a bit, but I also beleive in free-will. Weird ain't it?
06. what do you think about the french? I speak french so...GO FRENCH PEOPLE!
07. what do you tell yourself when times get hard? "I wish I had the strength to kill myself"
08. what would life be without family? a lot more simple and easier. I would be a lot different. but I do need the money and well, I guess I like them a little.

.about dreams.
09. do you dream a lot at night? yeah, I remember them a lot more now too, now that I think about it. I used to let my mind drift during class into that dream state so you could say I dream during the day too.
10. do you dream in black and white, or color? always color, my world is made of an array of colors. my dreams aren't simple enough to be in black and white.
11. do you remember any of your dreams? yep.
12. what is your dream kiss like? realistic. I wake up thinking I just kissed someone and feel all fuzzy about it.
13. what is your dream job? I think I was still just a high school kid. Actually, I hardly ever attended class in my dreams. rock on.
14. do you think i'm too sexy for milan, new york and japan? i think everyone is too sexy for those three except me and my friends. we'd do well in the modeling business.
15. .. write in a journal or diary? yep, an online one and another one that is in a secret place....shhhh.
16. .. keep an organizer? I try but fail everytime. Even a planner for school. I just can't keep up. I like my head. It makes a good organizer.
17. .. believe in love at first sight? Hmm, I hope there's love at first sight. I'm in love with the concept of being in love. I like the word. So that would be really romantic. But to answer the question, I don't really know.
18. .. believe that every person has one soul mate? I think so but I don't. Is there someone that was born to be with me? am I born to be with a certain someone? it's weird if you think of it like that.
19. .. shower daily? kinda, i do and then there are some days were it's like every other day. I feel weird about the shower questions.
20. .. like this survey so far? uh huh.
21. .. cry easily? when it comes to dealing with stuff like emotions and friendships, yeah. with parents, kinda. with shit from random people you don't know, no. movies, a wittle.
22. .. believe in heaven / hell? I like heaven to be clouds. But do I believe in it, no. neither. ALTHOUGH, I hope there is an afterlife. If not, oh well, I'm dead. I can't complain.
23. .. believe in angels/ghosts or other such things? yep, that was my passion (besides the angels, and more along the lines of paranormal phenomena)

24. day of the week: I'd have to say Friday. my parents are at work. and I can do whatever the hell I want.
25. ice-cream: mint choco chip
26. movies: Amelie, Sleepless in Seattle (see, I'm a romantic), Star Wars, there are some other.
27. actors: john cusack, ewan mcgregor
28. actresses: julia roberts
29. quote: I don't have one but there's one about powdered water and what to add in order to...yeah, you get the point.
30. holiday: christmas of course. I wish it snowed though.
31. season: winter and fall
32. colors: grey and sometimes black
33. flowers: roses
34. school subject: literature
35. city: new york and paris (heehee)
36. country: I'd have to say Greece. I was really interested in Greek mythology as a kid (still am kinda) so I promised to go there one day. To this day, I stil look at pictures of Greek ruins and monuments and history.
37. drink: one tequila, two tequila, joking. WATER!!! It's so refreshing!
38. food: tangerines and white peaches.
39. thing to wear: SCARVES!!! and my J. Crew jeans.
40. page on the internet: CONCRETEWATER.COM!!!! and the online journals of my friends.
41. animal: hard question. I always liked marine life. So all of marine life!!!

.creative questions.
42. if you had the chance to speak with william shatner what would you say to him? You were that one guy in that one movie. Yeeeah....can I have your autograph anyways.
43. does the idea of leprechauns scare you? if they're like the ones in the movie
44. if you could change one thing you did in the last 24 hours, what would it be and why? put on my seatbelt in Maggie's car so she won't be mad at me now. And not send that email to frank.
45. do you prefer sleeping outside beneath the night sky, or your cozy bed? my bed when it's cold, outside if it's with someone.
46. what is the most beautiful thing in the world? the trees, their shadows, the way the sunlight seeps through their branches in the break of dawn. People are really beautiful too. But really, something in specific: when I went to this place with my friends Andy, Whtney, and Rachel, and Julia and we watched the sun go down and I put my head on the road to see how far it went. That was beautiful.
47. did gym class or team sports traumatize you as a child? no, my best friend Sarah and I had a good time being the last ones to run the laps around the field.
48. if someone could pop their eyeballs right out of the sockets would that impress you? no, but I wouldn't be disgusted I don't think. I would just stare and think how they did it.
49. if you could meet anyone, past or present, dead or alive, who would you meet and why? the whole band of incubus because i admire their music and well, they're so pretty. on a more serious and mature note: Jane Austen.

.school: have you ever ..
50. skipped school? not the whole day, but I have a year left till I graduate
51. skipped a class? yep. I got 10 days of detention everytime I did it. that added up later to quite a record.
52. slept through a class? yeah, is that so bad?
53. thrown things at the teacher, and what did you throw? yep, paper. I know, I'm quite the hooligan.
54. cheated on tests? yes, many times. you take advantage of people like Br. Warren
55. plagiarized? I think so
56. copied someone else's work? uh huh, doesn't everyone
57. been expelled, and for what? nope
58. had detention? see # 51...
59. brought a weapon to school, and what was it? I brought myself and I am weapon enough
60. had drugs in your posession at school? nope but cigs yep
61. harrassed anyone in school? Adrienne and Maggie for random reasons. And Br. Dat (asian bastard)
62. bought a teacher a flower? psh, no

.home: have you ever ..
63. snuck out and been caught? YEP, it was worth it though
64. snuck out and got away with it? YEP, it was REALLY worth the risk though. in fact, I'm going to do it tonite
65. hit a family member? heehee, yeah
66. been grounded for a month or more? nuh-uh. amy good
67. had a party at your house unsupervised? yeah right, my house sucks.
68. broken something & lied about it? when I was a wee one
69. stolen money from your family members? yes, i'd do it again too
70. had a fistfight with your sibling? not really byt physical fight yes
71. gotten in trouble for bad grades? yeah, I remember the first timeI got a bad grade. My parents treated the situation as if it was the end of the world. Sheesh, it was just a C. Now look at me, I'm stilla good kid :)
72. ever ran away? no, my door is really old so it's gets stuck and makes sounds. not anymore though........(laughs deviously)
73. lied to your parents? the worst one? about what? yes, I lied about being a girl my whole life. HAHAHAHA! I sure fooled them.

I like filling out those questions. To all my palzies from around town and school, cut and copy and fill out. I'd like to see your guys' answers.
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