Amy (countingdays) wrote,

My Duty As Me

I must...

take care of my mother who has anxiety problems

put up with my dad

make sure my sister doesn't have sex at a young age

make sure Whitney doesn't torture herself with her pressing thoughts

prevent my little little sister doesn't drive my mother mad (who has anxiety problems)

make sure Emily and Moriah don't kill themselves by not killing myself

convert Frank

be Alex Brown's coffee pal

make amends with Max

clean my room every now and then (preferably ever half a century)

play la geetar

take my antidepressants

be Andy's friend

be Eyeball's fan club

play truth or dare with Bento

be a nun in the future with Adrienne

make a restaurant with Julian with Van Gogh's starry night on the wall

become a photojournalist

clean the fishes tank

not do weird lists like these

I was just thinking about all the crap I had to do today and just wrote all of this because I could...

I haven't seen my friends in a while. I miss seeing them. But this Tuesday, I'm going shopping with Adrienne to buy some clothes for her and Wednesday, paint pottery with her and Emma. POTTERY!! I like that word. My mom prefers me to brush my teeth then eat breakfast. My dad's listening to flamenco guitar. I think I'll join him.
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