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I'm friends with Alex again. Yep. We both wanted to put away all the shit and started anew, I guess. I'm not as giddy and excited that we're friends like before but I'm glad that we're both mature enough to want to make things better.

So yesterday, Alex, Bento, and I went to go see Road to Perdition. It was nice seeing Alex again and riding in his car with no air condition (actually, that I could do without). We talked throughout the ride with the exceptions of a few awkward silences. But yeah, on to the movie. It was a good movie, kinda Godfather-ish...but I've never seen that movie, but that's what Alex said. Bento joked with Adrienne on the phone that this movie was a lot better than that "Godfather crap." Adrienne later came over. We were all sitting on a Mickey Mouse blanket on the front lawn when she arrived and we proceeded to stay there. I told them how I knew my I-5's. Aileen later came too (while we were still outside). I really didn't know what to expect of her. I'd heard rumors that she was a bitch but for some reason, when I met her, I didn't have that certain outlook. I guess I just didn't care. But she's FAR from being a "bitch". Aileen had this cheery smile and a bright face and she was just as welcoming as her visage. Let's see...she didn't like how I loved beef jerky because it was so unhealthy. She wants to drink 8 cups of water a day. And she has government homework to do over the summer. I was very pleased to meet her and when I left, she called me by my name as if she knew me, she had that tone.

Adrienne and I are supposed to go shopping today in hopes to find a more feminine wardrobe for her. She hasn't called yet but I'm sure she's out there. I have to go see my therapist @ 3. But yeah, last night was fun and it made me wondered about how things were going to be next year. It also made me wonder where Andy was. Andy, where are you?
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