Amy (countingdays) wrote,

My mom speaks in metaphors only.

I always have this way of fucking up things between me and Maggie. I don't know, I guess I'm really high strung around her for some reason. I feel as if she treats me as if I'm lower, inferior. Or maybe my actions are the ones to provoke such treatment. either way, understandbly, i don't like it. (writing in capitol letters makes me bored) but i want to become friends with her...but it's my pride and inability to say "sorry"! my pride! ahahahaha! pppppppppppprrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiddddddddddddeeeeeeeeee. whoo hoo. i still read her journal and it makes me sad how we can't have a big friendship without any fights. we always have fights. and it's because of me. and what in the fuck can i do about it?

thus, i'd like to give a shout out to maggie deverter.

i'm sposed to see signs today with alex and bento. but i need to tell them that my something-or-another relative is coming over. i was hoping to postpone our rendez vous. or perhaps see it tonite. why am i saying this as if one of them is going to read this. maybe somehow, this will enable me to reach them telepathically. hm, there's a thought.

i slept on the floor today because i promised my sister the bed. why can't she sleep in her own goddamn room? yeah, i know resident evil was really scary...but you gotta sleep in your own room like a big girl. this whole summer, minus a few days perhaps, she's sleeps there. i don't really mind. i just mind that she's now beginning to take my bed. curse her.

damn, i haven't seen anyone in a while. emily, adrienne, ANDY, moriah, WHITNEY, julian, ALISON and ABBY. so sad. i wonder where they are. and if they're wondering the same about me. unless of course, they've all got better things to do than read about my childish antics on this journal. enh.

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